Village Studies

The Pratichi (India) Trust has conducted two village studies so far, as part of a larger researcher project. The two villages are Kundapahari and Benuria.

Kundapahari -- Kundapahari is one of the seven villages near the eastern border of Jharkhand, in the Gopikandar block of Dumka district. The area features in the Pratichi report Hormo Jeevi Bhalai Pontha, and Kundapahari is the site for Pratichi's Primary Health Centre in the area. The population is predominantly Santhal, and Pratichi has close ties with our former colleagues in the area.

Binuria -- Binuria, located a few kilometres away from the university town of Shantiniketan, is a confluence of contradictory elements. It is a settlement so ancient that the meaning of its name -- in fact, the word 'binuria' itself -- has dropped out of local vocabulary, yet over the last few decades, emigration and immigration have reinvented it socially. Although close to Shantiniketan, Binuria suffers from low literacy and low access to resources. Our study here consisted of and analysis of health and education levels, and the use of present resources in these areas.