Pratichi Reports

Ever so often, Pratichi publishes its cumulative findings over a sustained research period, which goes beyond reports of individual workshops, and looks at the larger social contexts of the pressing health and education concerns of the time. These reports contain our primary field data, opinions and questions from the least-heard sections of our society, our analysis, and in some cases, details of our public actions.

Each of these reports has had significant impact on the public narrative of development, sparking debates, starting conversations, and influencing state policy. Here are the reports currently available:

Health and Nutrition

Pratichi Child Report II: ICDS in West Bengal and Bihar,2015 Non-communicable Diseases: A Preview from West Bengal, 2012 A study on extent and pattern of non-communicable diseases in West Bengal; supported by the National Rural Health Mission, West Bengal (2011-12, continued to 2012-13)


Study on Health Inequity and Democratic deficit: A view from East and North East India (2011-12), based on a rigorous  analysis of available secondary data.

Debating Public Health: An Argumentative Assembly. Kolkata, 2011 (cover image)

Sarva Shiksha Mission Birbum Project: Evaluation of the performance of SSA/SSM Schools and their impact on the district’s educational status (2010-11).

Pratichi Report on the Mid-day Meal Programme, 2010an objective assessment of the Mid-day Meal programme in rural elementary schools and urban primary schools in West Bengal  involving analysis of both secondary and primary data and qualitative observations.

 Pratichi Child Report, 2009

Pratichi Health Report I, 2005

Cooked Mid-day Meal Programme: Birbhum, West Bengal, 2005

Hormo Jeevi Bhalai Pontha (Towards Better Health and Life) -- Health Intervention in Dumka

School and Education

Report on the Implementation of the Sarva Shiksha Mission in North Bengal, 2011-12

Writing Primary Education (trans. Sabai Miley). Report on the Teachers' Experience Writing Workshops of the Pratichi-CRY project, Birbhum.

What the RTE demands and how much we have: A gap-analysis based on DISE data in collaboration with UNICEF, Kolkata (2011-12); thorough analysis of available secondary data.

The Possibility of RTE in West Bengal: an action research in collaboration with UNICEF, Kolkata (2011-12, continued to 2012-13) to find out the problems and prospects RTE in West Bengal.

Pratichi Education Report II, 2009

Pratichi Education Report on Jharkhand

The Status of Elementary Education in Bihar : an objective assessment of the status of elementary education in Bihar involving analysis of both secondary and primary data and qualitative observations.

Monitoring and Evaluative Support for the Implementation of SSM in North Bengal (2011-12, continued to 2012-13); carrying out an empirical study on the status of elementary educational delivery in North Bengal districts

Public-Private Interface in the Primary Schooling System: West Bengal


Status of Child Protection at Juvenile Justice Homes of West Bengal: an objective assessment of the Juvenile Justice Homes in West Bengal, with special emphasis on the status of children staying in them.

Essential Health Care Programme: a study of the esseantial health care programme in the elementary schools of West Bengal, with special emphasis on hand wash practices involved in the Mid-day Meal programme