Apart from special intervention projects undertaken in partnership with local people, civil society organisation and public officials, Pratichi participates in long-term discussion and action-oriented projects with specific partners. The following organisations have been our longest partners, and we are proud of their continuing collaboration with us.

UNICEF -- UNICEF has been our active collaborator on several education-centred projects. They have enabled us to organise several workshops and public meetings, notably "Public Initiatives in Primary Education", held in February 2007 at Kala Mandir, Kolkata, and attended by over 2000 primary school teachers, educationists, parents, and other members of the public. UNICEF is also our collaborator on our current workshop series, Teachers' Experiences and Innovations.

Sarva Shiksha Mission (SSM) -- SSM has been especially active in Pratichi's projects with the mid-day meal programme in schools. SSM officies in districts have facilitated our research in local child health and education. They are also our partners in publishing children's magazines in schools with underprivileged demographies, as well as in our various workshop series.

Institute for Development Studies, Kolkata (IDSK) -- Pratichi has held a series of three workshops with the IDSK between 2006 and 2007: 

1st July 2006 -- Role of Unions of Teachers and Health Workers in the Delivery of Primary Education and Basic Healthcare.
12th February, 2007 – Trade Unions and the Delivery of Basic Services.
27 December, 2007 – Role of Service Sector Employees Unions in Human Development

The chief ideas behind these workshops was the interlinked nature of most service sectors, their embeddedness in local social structures, and the employee unions’ dual responsibility to look after their members’ interests, as well as ensure the delivery of the services entrusted to them. The workshops emphasised the need of incorporating the hands-on expertise of service-sector employees in policy-planning to make service delivery systems more efficient. and were attended by representatives of various teachers’ and health workers’ unions, academics, concerned officials and the Minister for Education, Government of West Bengal.

The District Primary School Council (DPSC) -- Pratichi has held three teachers' meetings in collaboration with the DPSC, Birbhum, and one with the DPSC, Bardhaman.

2004 -- "The Role of Public Initiative and Participation in Primary Education".
2006 -- "Primary Schooling with Children's Healthcare" and "Role of Public Co-ordination in Primary Education" (Bardhaman).
2009 -- "Public Participation in Quality of Education".

The meetings were attended by between 100 to 200 parents and teachers of various primary schools across the state, concerned officials, and the Ministers for Education, Health and Family Welfare, Rural Development, and Finance. The Bardhaman meeting was attended by over a thousand primary school teachers, and generated wide interest and active participation. 

Teachers' Unions -- Pratichi's association with teachers' unions go back several years. Our extensive fieldwork in government primary schools, especially in remote areas, have been possible because of the warmth and support extended to us by local members of the Bengal teachers' unions. Our current workshop series, on Teaching Experiences and Innovations, are a collaboration between Pratichi and the All Bengal Primary Teachers' Association (ABPTA) [Nikhil Bongo Prathomik Shikkhok Shomiti].