Occasional Papers

Pratichi Occasional Papers:

“Unqualified Medical Practitioners:Unavoidable for the Health Care of Rural People? Manabesh Sarkar. Pratichi Occasional Paper No. 5 Pratichi Institute, Kolkata, August 2017

"Science Education and the Privilege Divide: A Case of West Bengal [PDF]". Asokendu Sengupta. Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 4. Pratichi (India) Trust, Kolkata, July 2012.

"Dialoguing Development: Glimpses of the Pratichi Trust's Public Workshops [PDF]". Paromita Haldar and Kumar Rana. Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 2. Pratichi (India) Trust. Kolkata, December 2010.

"Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers' Unions in the Delivery of Primary Education: A Case of West Bengal [PDF]". Manabesh Sarkar and Kumar Rana. Pratichi Occasional Paper No. 3. Pratichi (India) Trust. Kolkata, December 2010.

"Social Exclusion in and through Elementary Education: The Case of West Bengal [PDF]". Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 1. Pratichi (India) Trust and UNICEF Kolkata. Kolkata, February 2010.

Seminar Papers:
"ICDS Programme in West Bengal: Scopes and Challenges" [PDF]. Kumar Rana and Santabhanu Sen. March 2008.

"Hold the Pen-plough and Till the Paper-land: Success of a Movement for Education and Related Issues". Kumar Rana, Liby T. Johnson, and Subhrangshu Santra. May 2003.

"The Mid-Day Meal Programme and Primary Education [PDF]". Kumar Rana. September 2006.

"Small Schools for the Underprivileged: the SSK experiment in West Bengal [PDF]". Kumar Rana, Santabhanu Sen, Manabesh Sarkar. October 2009.

"Notes on the Tribal Question in India [PDF]". Kumar Rana. February 2010.

"The service Provider--An important determinant of the success of the Cooked Mid-day meal programme [PDF]" Manabesh Sarkar. December 2013

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