Occasional Papers

Pratichi Occasional Papers:

 Transaction of Environmental Studies (EVS) Curriculum in Primary Schools of Himachal Prades”, Garima Sharma and Rekha Thakur, Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 6. Pratichi (India) Trust, Kolkata, March, 2018 


“Unqualified Medical Practitioners:Unavoidable for the Health Care of Rural People? Manabesh Sarkar. Pratichi Occasional Paper No. 5 Pratichi Institute, Kolkata, August 2017

"Science Education and the Privilege Divide: A Case of West Bengal [PDF]". Asokendu Sengupta. Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 4. Pratichi (India) Trust, Kolkata, July 2012.

"Dialoguing Development: Glimpses of the Pratichi Trust's Public Workshops [PDF]". Paromita Haldar and Kumar Rana. Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 2. Pratichi (India) Trust. Kolkata, December 2010.

"Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers' Unions in the Delivery of Primary Education: A Case of West Bengal [PDF]". Manabesh Sarkar and Kumar Rana. Pratichi Occasional Paper No. 3. Pratichi (India) Trust. Kolkata, December 2010.

"Social Exclusion in and through Elementary Education: The Case of West Bengal [PDF]". Pratichi Occasional Paper no. 1. Pratichi (India) Trust and UNICEF Kolkata. Kolkata, February 2010.

Seminar Papers:
"ICDS Programme in West Bengal: Scopes and Challenges" [PDF]. Kumar Rana and Santabhanu Sen. March 2008.

"Hold the Pen-plough and Till the Paper-land: Success of a Movement for Education and Related Issues". Kumar Rana, Liby T. Johnson, and Subhrangshu Santra. May 2003.

"The Mid-Day Meal Programme and Primary Education [PDF]". Kumar Rana. September 2006.

"Small Schools for the Underprivileged: the SSK experiment in West Bengal [PDF]". Kumar Rana, Santabhanu Sen, Manabesh Sarkar. October 2009.

"Notes on the Tribal Question in India [PDF]". Kumar Rana. February 2010.

"The service Provider--An important determinant of the success of the Cooked Mid-day meal programme [PDF]" Manabesh Sarkar. December 2013