Pratichi publishes booklets compiled and authored by its team members on occasion of specific research or action-oriented projects. The following booklets are currently available as digital texts:

The Child's View of the World

[Full text PDF -- English]

'The Child's View of the World' is an illustrated condension of the experiences and ideas collected during the organisation of various reading festivals in the district of Birbhum. The festivals covered 127 public primary schools in 8 blocks of the district (Suri-1, Suri-2, Rampurhat, Rajnagar, Ilambazaar and Bolpur-Sriniketan), and attempted to discover, via close interaction, the way children view the world they live in, their educational system, and society's expectations of them.


[Full text PDF -- Bangla]

'Pushti', or nutrition, outlines the specific nutritional needs of children and adults, and the results of its lack. It goes on to describe the state of nutrition and public health in Bengal, and emphasises the need for a better -- and better organised -- system of nutritional aid for the people of this state.
'Pushti' was published in 2011, the year the Government of West Bengal released preliminary findings of Project Dipankar, which have been discussed here.

Meyeder Kotha

[Full text as PDF -- Bangla]

'Meyeder Kotha' -- The Story of Girls -- was written by Pratichi team-member Susmita Bandopadhyay for Pratichi's 10th Annual Workshop, titled Girls Education: Experiences and Challenges. The booklet briefly sketches the path of education for women in Bengal, and concludes by pointing out the various lapses in policy and practise that have left large sections of women -- especially young girls from socially marginalised communities -- outside classrooms, and without the tools to have a better life, even today.

Shikshar Adhikaar Ain (Summary of the Right to Education Act, 2009)
The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 -- shortened usually to the Right to Education Act or the RTE -- was summarised to its key points and translated in Bangla by Pratichi for greater dissemination amongst teachers, parents, school administrators and other interested members of the public not conversant with the two State languages, Hindi and English. This translation helped dispel misinformation about the RTE, and garner a great deal of appreciation and support for it from all relevant quarters.

First Generation Learner 

[Full text PDF -- English]

In this informative and enlightening booklet two primary school teachers, Moloy Bhattacharyya and Tapas Bhattacharyya from Birbhum district in West Bengal, have exercised their thoughts and penned down their experiences based on their personal research on education, pedagogy, children’s mind, social problems regarding unequal childhood and much more. They have skilfully charted a way how teachers and parents can work together in helping children bloom, take their first steps into the arena of learning and eventually grow up as a self reliant, independent individual. 

Joy of Reading

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Joy of Reading documents the unique experience of creating and organizing reading festivals in primary schools in Birbhum under the Pratichi-CRY project. Working on the complaints that parents and teachers levelled against the school children that they did not want to study, reading festivals were organized for children where they were exposed to the wonderful world of story books and creativity. The book provides a bird's eye view of the festival and the transformation it brought about within the children, teachers and the community as a whole.

Pedagogy in Practice

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Primary teachers in West Bengal are not really an envied lot. Rather they are scapegoats for every institutional failure that one can ever imagine. But like the clichéd silver lining to the dark clouds there are umpteen numbers of teachers who are trying their best to carve niches into the lives of their pupils and to the larger social context. And they are bringing about unquantifiable changes in the thoughts and lives of a generation in stealth. The Pratichi Institute has been instrumental in documenting some of these efforts over time. Here are some of the initiatives narrated by the primary teachers themselves.