April 2011

Shantanbhanu Sen
16 April 2011
Dr. Shantabhanu Sen talked to the newly-assembled research team about some vital tools they would need in their research and analysis. He spoke of measuring national amd local development in terms of the Human Development Index, and spent some time showing the team about the variables and calculations involved in primary education and global hunger indices.

Rangan Chakraborty
26 April 2011
Noted columnist and social activist Rangan Chakraborty spoke about the child development in market-oriented cultures, and the ways in which traditional child development parameters should be re-evaluated to fit the lived cultures of contemporary children and young adults. Peer pressure on young people to be homogeneous consumers, especially of gadgets, social media and fashion, were discussed and debated with great intensity.

Koninika Mitra
28 April 2011
Dr. Koninika Mitra of the UNICEF collaborated extensively with us for the Chandrakanta Patil Memorial Eastern India Regional Health Assembly, and this talk was the first in a series of meeting we had with her. During the talk, she spoke of comparative health performances between states in the East and North-East, their relative infrastructures, the particular and common problems faced by each, and their individual achievements. Particular attention was paid to maternal and child health, and the Purulia model -- one of the most successful instances of pre- and post-natal care in the India -- was discussed in some detail.

Achin Chakraborty
30 April 2011
Economist and faculty at the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, Professor Achin Chakraborty began his talk by introducing the team to some of the core concepts of social justice and welfare economics. He explained the concept of 'the good' in moral philosophy, and what it might represent in terms of national growth. He then described the capabilities approach to collective development, and the philosophical interaction between economics and ethics. The talk concluded with a brief discussion of some excerpts of Amartya Sen's Idea of Justice.