Annual Workshops

The Pratichi annual workshops are held in the months of June or July, at the university-town of Shantiniketan, in Birbhum, West Bengal. Each annual workshop has a theme relevant to Pratichi's three core areas of work -- health, education, and gender equality -- and serves as a public platform for grassroots practitioners from each area to share their lived experiences.

It gives Pratichi an immense sense of achievement that these workshops have acquired a reputation for being empowering spaces where 'the ordinary people speak, and the experts listen'. Over the years, opinions expressed at our annual workshops have brought to light overlooked social problems, contributed to public discourse, and influenced policy decisions influencing such matters.

The following lists the themes for each Pratichi (India) Trust annual workshop so far.

2002: The Role of Parents and Teachers in the Delivery of Primary Education [PDF]
2003: Role of Parents and Teachers in the Delivery of Primary Education: Dumka, Jharkhand [PDF]
2004: Role of Parents and Teachers in the Governance of Primary Schooling System and Mid-day Meal Programme [PDF]
2005: Primary Education, Public Health and Development [PDF]
2006: Integrated Primary Schooling with Children’s Health Care [PDF]
2007: Child Education and Health: Public Initiatives [PDF]
2008: Quality of Child Education and Public Initiatives [PDF]
2009: Syllabus, Teaching-Learning, and the Mid-day Meal Programme [PDF]
2010: Right to Education: Legislation and Our Moral Commitments [PDF]
2011: Girls’ Education: Experiences and Challenges [PDF]

2013: Quality of Education---Ideas and Reality [PDF]