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Work at Pratichi gives me ample opportunity to come out of this glittering and dazzling metro city-life and get a deeper impression of the so-called ‘peripheral’ areas – which although we generally prefer to ignore, are also very much a part of our state West Bengal. At present, I am working on a health project, which seeks to identify and determine the patterns of health-seeking behaviour prevalent for various ailments, all across the 19 districts of the state.

A First-rate Educational Institute

My short working career has given me the opportunity of coming across various kinds of advertisements on my travels, but my recent visit to Malda (one of the seven districts of North Bengal) brought me face-to-face with a poster which after quite a long time triggered off my appetite to write something. I was out for work with my colleague when this advertisement suddenly caught my attention. Quite large in size, the prominence of it was such that despite me being popularly known as an absent-minded person, it registered on my extremely limited attention span!

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