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Children’s Day celebration at Banglani Free Primary School, Swarupnagar by Priyanka Ghosh

November 14, 2014

Field notes from Dakshin Dinajpur and Malda by Kumar Rana, Mukhlesur Rahaman Gain and Piyali Pal

Chenchai village is about 2 Km away from Balurghat-Tapan road. Both sides of the murram road are lined by trees, planted by a villager of Chenchai, Nimai Tigga, an environment-fanatic. It’s a small village with 52 households; there are 20 households in the adjacent hamlet Parbatpur. The inhabitants are mainly Oraon and few Santhal (Adivasis) and some Rajbangshi and Vaishnav. The economy is entirely dependent on agriculture and signified with poverty.

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